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Consulting & Advisory

Entering a new market can be challenging. 


The regulatory environment and business habits and customs make it unavoidable, to include local knowledge. We understand both the local specifics as well as the approach and expectations of international acting companies. Our in-house team communicates in Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Romanian, German and English. Understanding each other builds trust and enables us to act as the interface between different (business) cultures. We develop PV projects and know very well about where to have a closer look while examining other projects.


Our consulting and advisory experience until now include deal structuring, financial modelling, M&A, structured financing (Hungarian and international lenders), project evaluation and exit strategies. If you own a project or want to buy one, we can help with finding a compatible partner. 


Partners from all over the world rely on our advice. Until today we advised our clients on several utility size projects, with more than 240 MWP.


Tired of getting your Hungarian goulash always served too hot? Talk to us. 


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