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Project Development

Pannon Solar Holding is specialised in the development of high-quality renewable energy projects under FiT, premium and merchant schemes. Our dedicated in-house technical, legal and financial team together with reliable external collaborators lets us keep full control over the project development; and gives us the capacity to develop projects in house 0-100%.


As external consultants, we use renowned advisory firms and certified specialists. Since 2019 Pannon Solar Holding has instituted project development JVs with two international first-tier companies to develop a total of 200 MWP PV projects. 


Merge all into one, and you'll get really fully ready-to-build, bankable projects, which leave not much to be desired. 


Our portfolio comprises PV projects from 0.5 MWP to 50 MWP, but we focus on utility size designs connecting to MV or HV transmission systems. The target markets are CEE and EE. We concentrate on Hungary, however, have active developments and branches in Slovakia, North Macedonia and Ukraine and always keep our eyes open for new markets.


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